Pygmy goats are small compact goats weighing approximately 45-55 pounds and standing no more than 24 inches at the shoulders when they are full grown.  
They originated in Africa and were brought to the United States in the 1950`s. Because of their small size and personality they were displayed in petting zoos and gained popularity as pets. Though they were intended to be market animals they have become noted as dual purpose animals raised on small acreages for both milk and meat.
Pygmies are gregarious, friendly and easy to maintain which makes them ideal for people who are looking for pets or a hobby.  They make great 4-H and FFA projects because they do not require special equipment to raise and show.
In addition to enjoying them in your backyard, there are shows throughout the country were youth, breeders and owners showcase their animals.  Similar to dog shows, pygmies are shown on a leash and judged on conformation according to the breed standard.  Classes are broken down by sex and age and then winners in those classes compete for division winner and the Grand Champion of the show.